the illusion of truth, the power of myth

my writings, always offered at the feet of the Spirit they commune with.

it is always curious to me the way in which people experience the Self; how we each relate to “i am,” what constitutes our Beliefs and animates our actions. i spend a lot of time in this wondering. i am drawn to observing and exploring how human beings both effect and are affected by their perceptions of a world they both experience and co-create. what is it, to evolve the individual and collective Mythology? in essence, what constitutes culture and as we each co create it, what are the implications of responsibility that arise?

Myth has long been the lifeblood of cultures across the span of human evolution. each of us weaving, woven from it and of it, as it individually and collectively inspires our unconscious Beliefs and Agreements, and informs our actions manifest; the way we move through and effect the world. Myth exists as, and in its essence is, the constitution of our experiential reality. well before colonialism, well before the “systems” of capitalism abused and exploited the indigenous technologies of Myth, these were the ways in which we shared our ancient psychic Knowings. it was a way of passing story and Wisdom between worlds. how we built upon what has been, to inspire what is and nourish what will Become. it was prayer, a living portal, bridging our Ancestors, our Descendants and ourSelves. Myth understood that all Knowings must first bow at the feet of the Soul they wish to commune with. it recognized that exploration, discovery, integration, and BE-coming must be a non hierarchical, sensual and consensual exchange.

Myth is meant to be experienced. it is meant to inspire. it is a seed, which rises from the dance of humanity with the Earth and the Heavens. it requires and was birthed from the fantastical soil of the human psychic garden, it calls in the rains of Divine creativity to bloom and weave into a rich Knowing, part of a great Symphony of Creation. we can perceive Myth on its surface with cognition, but it’s like reading a book about trees, as compared to BE-ing in a forest, as compared to BEING the forest. Myth is the language of the Soul; never literal, but poetic, metaphorical, multidimensional and experiential. intellect does not have the capacity to fathom or nurture it in its fullness. on the contrary, the overuse of mind here in this way, can and does create rigid, inflexible frameworks and patterns that are barren, lifeless and oppressive. patterns devoid of the recognition of our Soulful potentiality for infinite possibility. what is perceived only skims the surface of an endless ocean teaming with wonder and these perceptions are ultimately fragile, distorted and superficial. the mind has place within the reception of Myth, but it works as a tool. it acts as an antenna, a conduit. the deeper experience lies well beyond. Myth is sensual, it conjures feeling, it is passionate, playful and alive. it flows through the multidimensional Self with ease, into places where mind cannot venture. cognitive, intellectual pursuits are deified in western culture, at the expense of a wider recognition that there is more to the human experience, that the essence of who we are exists well beyond mind. consequently we often misidentify the Self as mind and so we walk as ghosts in amnesia, not able to access our fullness. mind is an exquisite tool, absolutely necessary to navigate this curious experience. it is not however, who we are and to misidentify is to live a life in egoic oblivion, it is to be susceptible to mediocrity of Being. Myth in its Sacred form, inspires Wisdom, it inspires authentic presence. it deepens our experiential Knowing of the Eternal Essence which whispers how, when and if to use the knowledge and information that we acquire in this life.

as we’ve sewn the seeds of Myth into our fertile soils, and they have taken root, our Ultimate Collaboration, an intricate and complex symphony of “reality” is born. Culture emerges, manifest from the psychic, largely unconscious fabric of Beliefs and Agreements and the collective actions they inspire. it’s threads of Knowings, entangled together in the Shadows of the individual and collective psyche. rarely perceived, yet utterly dynamic, Shadow rules our experience. despite our current Agreements with binaries, despite our collective mis-perception that opposites aren’t two sides of the same coin, we cannot push Shadow away as other, we cannot pretend it does not exist as a rich and potent aspect of who we are. in such efforts we only delude ourselves. what lives in our unconscious will manifest, it cannot be denied. it is as much a part of who we are as is our consciousness. what is manifested depends on the Myths of our times, the consciousness of Self and ultimately, our capacity for Accountability. in its Sacred form, not manipulated with egoic agenda, Myth is respectful of the Wholeness of the human experience. we create and Become ourSelves with our Stories. individually and collectively, we are both slaves to what lives in the Shadows and Ultimate Artisans of who we are. Free Will exercises it’s capacity both within our recognition of who we are as Ultimate Creators and within the Creation itself.

Our Highest Sacred Essence, within the reflection of many ancient spiritual texts; that we are made in the image of the Divine, and thus, we have the Free Will to create our Truth and to Become it.

Truth within the Shadow realm of psychic Agreements and Beliefs is only ever Myth. these threads of Myth weave to unconsciously drive our actions. similar to a seasoned driver or a practiced musician, we don’t think about the how of it, we simply act from the unconscious, evolved and practiced knowing, but indeed, it is a complex web of collective understandings and agreements that form our knowings or driving would be chaotic, and music, noise. our Deep and Dark mysterious, the depths that craft the lenses through which we view ourSelves and what we perceive as other, do exist, and powerfully so. we can each build practices which bring our attention to these vast and uncharted caverns of possibility. and it is our absolute responsibility to do so.

 the Sacred Power of Free Will.   we can choose to face what lives in our unconscious with revolutionary integrity.  we can chose to identify as both courageous and committed to transforming Beliefs and Agreements that do not align with who we feel we are beyond them, our Highest Self.  our Sacred Power exists within this Knowing, that we can be our own greatest Works of Art.  as individuals and as the collective human race, we can choose Beliefs and Agreements that align with our Authentic BEcoming.  

we are powerful Beings. so powerful, that we can convince ourSelves of whatever we choose. we can even convince ourSelves that we are not choosing, that we have no power over what we Believe or the corresponding actions that arise. we can convince ourSelves, that we are not contributing to how things are. we can convince ourSelves that ignorance is an excuse, that we are perpetual victims, too fragile to stand in integrity. we can wield our beloved victimhood to deflect our accountability. we can blame. we can project. we can deny. we can complicate the uncomplicated to avoid our internal aversion and addiction to what we have Become, we can convince ourSelves that we are not looking at Self through distorted lenses. we can ignore that clinging to the belief that we are good people, while turning a blind eye to our ugly makes us depraved. but at the end of the day, what is the legacy of our lives? what is the ultimate story of humanity? who are we when we look in the mirror?

threads of Myth can feel deep and stubborn. in a culture that oppresses the experience of the Wholeness of Self, where the Wisdom and art of authentic Self reflection and BEingness is continuously pushed underground, we generally don’t even notice that we are not free in our perceptions, that we are obliviously and deliriously imprisoned by smoke and mirrors, and the manipulation of our emotional technology herding us into compliance by abusing fear. all of this below the threshold of our perception and experienced as potent and compelling, as if we are bound and can’t escape the gravity. this is itself, yet another illusory thread of Belief which has woven itself deeply into the fabric of our modern colonized cultures, exploiting our human evolutionary and multidimensional technologies to keep us sleepwalking and distracted. Myth can and does flow through our energetic and emotional bodies. it can and does flow through us sensorially.

what we Believe, what we allow to reside deep within our unconscious minds,  animates how we See and meet the world.

we must face, that we continue to allow our Sacred human technologies to be harnessed by those who perceive us as fodder for their ravenous agendas. spinning tales of fear, scarcity and hierarchy to conjure a preoccupied and distracted public. they lay claim to our Selves and our children through decades of “forced education,” intended to appear as holy grail, but acting as the Trojan Horse, bloated and malevolent with contrived mythology; our Sacred unconscious spaces being manipulated, and relentlessly so. these blatant Soul offenses, are intent on preserving a sleeping, homogenous, hierarchical and obedient citizenry. western “education”, canonizes white supremacist and patriarchal mythology framing and farming like aphids segments of its citizenry, pawns for an agenda that serves an elite few. compulsory education seeks to maintain the standardized framework for a competitive and hierarchical humanity. pawns are doled out golden tickets, like carrots dangling in front of the ass and they cling to their meritless privileges like Gollum and his Precious. their egos being fed the oblivion that maintains the status quo, and even as they continuously erode their own humanity, they, as a whole, are well trained to swallow. pawns are offered asylum from the brutality of those who protect them, they are offered consumers choice, built on the backs of other Souls. they consume a distorted interpretation of a cosmology and world view that offers redemption by outsourcing accountability. curiously convenient. as the pawns sell their Souls for these meritless perks and pats on the back, the entire Earth screams into their deaf ears.

this grand Myth lures each and all of us as these frameworks peddle the new and shiny, birthed from the insatiable raping of Earthly resources. these systems would consume our very Souls to increase the bottom line if they were able as we collectively and willfully protect them with law, pawns deep at play here. and yet, the mythology that is spun, the illusions that we are intricately manipulated to unconsciously consume, believe and act from, are all just a grand story. a story, that we have all agreed to and participate in, at varying degrees, as our collective reality. the power of culture that we continue to actively place in the hands of the few, this way of Being that we cling to as both fixed and irrevocable is ultimately and unequivocally, subject to our individual and collective Free Will and thus, the complete accountability of humanity as reflected in the state of our individual, collective and planetary health. as we continue to feed on the teat of these myths, to trifle in and squander our power on Beliefs that inspire greed, narcissism, victimhood and powerlessness, while all memory of human dignity and basic decency are snuffed out from our living reality, we are each accountable for what manifests. if we persist in clinging to our amnesia and allowing our Highest Sacred Birthright and Obligation to be sold on the floor of NASDAQ, we do not escape the consequences of who we choose to be. those who’ve fallen and suffer under the weight of our complacency, we are ultimately and utterly accountable for. to allow here, is to be complicit. the active choice of unconsciousness, of willful ignorance and apathy, will not call in a Passover.

non action here IS action, it is choice to deny recognition of the active role we play in the harm we do to others.  it is choice to turn away from the reflection of what manifests from our Beliefs and actions.  it is choice to not acknowledge the screaming inside of us as we seek ways to keep smiling through the muck we are swimming in and living as.  we continue to agree to a Mythological framework that preys and feeds on our willingness to consume whatever they place in front of us as Truth, to pledge our allegiance to a system that tells us we are good and righteous in our sleepwalking.  as we are continuously herded like cattle, and our experience of the Sacred diminishes…

as we agree to a human mythology that mocks our Divinity in every possible way, I ask…

what would it be to just decide, we will agree to this no longer; to face squarely our fear and apathy and relentlessly refuse to continue our legacy of addiction to righteous narcissism and victimhood? what would it be to stand in our individual and collective accountability and all of its intersections and offer reparations from the space of Soulful Knowing of what is Just and not because we are manipulated through force, guilt or saviorism? action without deep, multidimensional conviction is a Soulless endeavor. we can transform our Beliefs so that our actions are in alignment with our Highest Selves. what would it be to decide that our worth, the worth of our children, lies far beyond commoditization, competition and consumption and to instead place our attention toward a humanity that reflects the power inherent in Higher Consciousness? what would it be to bring Wisdom, depth and discernment into our religious and spiritual interpretations and practices? what could our world look like if we brought our attention to Self, not our egoic appetites, but the Self, the Enduring, the Essence and conjured the alchemy necessary for authentic transformation, and relentlessly so? what if, we learned how to truly communicate, how to share space and celebrate Diversity, not just tolerate it, Seeing all of life as Sacred and the Self as part of a Whole? this can live as our Truth within the interpretations of each major religion, Spiritual journeying, Atheism or Agnosticism, no matter. change the Myth to whatever you need to to, my words reflect my own, and inspire my personal right actions, but Truth lies beyond any literal interpretation.

we are powerful BEings with a deep capacity to transform ourSelves.  we have the strength in Being to look in the mirror with curious and revolutionary sincerity….

is who you think you are in alignment with the way you move through the world?

if you see a hideous Truth, find courage. stand in it. face it. let it burn into you. from what Beliefs does it draw its life from? the work is to travel into the deep and dark caverns of the unconscious and shine our lanterns there, to face and challenge the Myths that do not serve in the liberation of Self, humanity, or all of life. the work is rewriting the Myths of our Selves, the Myths of these times, facing the Truth of our accountability, and being relentlessly active in transmuting our Beliefs to reflect what we want to BE in the world, what we want to See in the world. there is Wisdom and technology, strength and unending passion in the Ancestry as courage and stamina are called upon to endure. it is an imperfect journey. we will stumble and fall, bleed and suffer. there is no redemption without crucifixion. Ma Kāli , severs heads of ego in the name of freedom. but we will finally be alive. we will finally begin the journey to discover our depth as BEings. it is a r/evolution from victimized apathy, into a compassionate and resilient humanity. it is standing in our accountability.

it is, to finally decide, that we are empowered to reclaim the conscious creation of the Human Experience.

february 2019

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