elf and little girl magick

my little girl…

a few years ago
she wondered if the elves
would visit her at christmas

christmas always hard for me
other holidays too

layers and layers of reasons

bring her such joy tho

so an elf appeared
and every season
would move round the house

place to place

bringing mischief, antics and fun

Saadaya named her Sparkles

asked Sparkles if that was cool
guess it was
cause the name stuck

now apparently these elves
can’t be touched
you can steal their magick

so Saadaya didn’t touch her
but she ached to hold her
to play with her
snuggle with her

one time Sparkles had a little door
and there were footprints
leading to this little speedster!
with little rainbow candies
in the back seat!

another time
her door was on the ceiling!
with a looooong little ladder
to reach the floor…

Saadaya thought
she must be avoiding our dog Ella
she’s a big girl Ella
and so so curious
with big teeth

but then she found Ella
with a bow round her neck
and a new bone
and little footprints up her back

we had a huge laugh
spent the day in giggles

this Elf was serious
‘bout her mischief!

then one day

Saadaya saw her dad move her…


she threw her down
didn’t speak to us for a while

months went by
no words of Sparkles

and one day
while we were crafting
and seemingly out of the blue
she say
you think Sparkles hates me?

said i wasn’t so sure
that elves can hate

told me she wished
she would come back

Sparkles must have heard her
cause she showed up yesterday
sitting in a glass flour container
with the top on!

just omg!

we laughed and laughed
even my 13 year old ; )
thought she might feel at home
ya know
flour kinda looks like snow

Saadaya took her out
cleaned her up
spent the day talking to her
working things out

i could hear her
all the feels
they played fortnite together
then i saw Sparkles
on the floor in a corner
later tucked in Saadaya’s shirt
it was windy outside
ya know…
didn’t want the wind
to bring her Covid
and Saadaya hadn’t
made her a mask yet

Saadaya came up to me
said mom
ya know what?
i think daddy was just helping her
Sparkles told me
she was having some trouble last year



how so?

said she lost some of her magick
had trouble getting around
said nobody touched her
nobody held her
said all them rumors
to not snuggle her
not true

of course elves need snuggles!

Sparkles said
she fell on the floor that day
daddy holding her
saved her life
said he washed her clean
of not being seen
why people live in illusions mommy?
they got it all wrong!

it’s windy again today

found Sparkles this morning
floating on a cloud…


december 3rd, 2020

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