Warm Greetings~

my name is genesis and it is a taken name.  an early step toward claiming my right to exist, to be Seen as i am, to Become.  it entices me toward a path of forgiveness,  it inspires the space to shed my skin and emerge anew, over and over, it offers rebirth…

my location, Black. queerx. womxn. mother.  i express these labels and identities within the context of layered interwoven constructs which persist to claim and define my experience, utterly without my consent.  how i experience Self within these identities is fluid, and can vary greatly from the perceptions of another.  so i use these terms and my relationship to them as a starting place, and then, i feel most Whole casting them aside.

my story just as all others, Sacred.

and though i will explore these identities more distinctly here, for me, it is ultimately illusion. naming is abstract, an attempt to claim the elusive. i experience identity as wild. fugitive mythology. the webs of story cannot be extracted and compartmentalized in this way and still remain true. everything i am is entangeled and inseparable. i experience all of sentience in this way and so i offer seed here, to meet where we are with mind, for cultural relevance and pattern recognition. then i invite dehiscence so that we may expand well beyond mental knowing, that each of these identities are stars in an infinite universe fluid in possibility, we are limitless, bound only to our agreements with the cultures of our individual and collective minds.

my Blackness; i embrace Ancestrally.  both as the birthplace of the human experience and as lineage with a rich and unparalleled Wisdom;  a Sacred Web of Knowings which rose from the collective Spirit of a resilient people who’ve endured the unfathomable for lifetimes. every effort made to annihilate our very humanity and yet, here we stand, powerfully, beautifully and creatively so.  within our resilience,  potent human technologies were birthed and evolved and are protected in the name of all of humanity. i See this as the indigeneity of the Black Experience.  my Spiritual practice would be hollow and flaccid without this recognition.  as i Seek my Ancestors earnestly they whisper…

and i bow my head in reverence.

my queerxness; simply that i dwell beyond homogeny as refugee. both exiled and escapee. that i don’t choose to be unconsciously oppressed within binary constructs that create the illusion of either or, then define them, all laced with unchecked mythology which has never aligned with my identity.  my experience of Self flows both within and beyond these constructs.  my evolution here continues in its sovereign majesty.  fluid as water, raging as fire.

my pronouns them/they, she/her, he/him.

my womxnness; as journey, thread in my intricated story. location experienced over time and place. matriarchal lineage. this, interwoven in the evolution of male and female beings, over thousands and thousands of years, the stories untold, the violent practices of sex assignment, tyrannized expression of identity, destructively convoluted within the cultural oppressions of an enduring patriarchy.

i feel aligned and inspired by the rhythms and technologies of this body which carries me in this life, as what i am sojourns both within and beyond its skin. an infinite realm of presence his-storically imprisoned and hidden within a rigid construct named “woman”, i continue to learn its flow in relationship to the Earth from which it rose, the Stars from which it came, the moon which guides it and the consciousness that dwells within and beyond as infinite ocean.  i flow fluidly through womxn. this body, the dimensionality of the Whole of me, having this Earthly experience, is a living multidimensional ecosystem, and i Seek relentlessly to evolve Knowing that absorbs aspects of Self beyond the veil of mind, so that i may have my most authentic experience, and so that i may evolve an ever deepening capacity to hold and protect that birthright for every sentient being. 

we are limitless.

mother;  i embrace in the mammalian sense as well as the archetypal.  my children, are not mine, they are their own, Divine and kin to all of humanity, to all of life; the children of Stars.  they have never been in school.  i raise them in what i loosely define as unschooling. i say loosely as i experience all labels and constructs. it offers a starting point, a seed of possibility, that is mine to nurture and nourish as i See fit.  i protect my children’s agency fiercely, most challenging, and always evolving, protecting them from my own unconsciousness and supporting them in the recognition of theirs.  this, a greatness as gift. they guide me and we have a culture of grace between us.  as i’ve watched them grow, discover and BEcome, as i protect their Wild, creative Selves because i hold their value beyond the myth of sentient commodity,  i See more clearly those intersections of oppression which Seek to maintain an unrealized humanity.  decolonizing is a rich part of my evolution as mother and BEing.

to my children, my deepest gratitude.

this writing style a reflection of its own Seeking in liberation, its own exploration of its fugitively, it’s evolving fluidity in words as paint.

this work, this journey, i experience as Shadow Work, bringing light to the dark caverns of the unconscious and standing with curious and revolutionary integrity in what is found.  evolving playful relationship to my emotional bodies particularly those we often circumnavigate, fear, grief, rage, i bring my reverence to you. Seeking expansive relationship to the technologies of Self, evolving my Knowings around the multidimensional human experience, conjuring alchemy and keeping to the journey of Self/Collective Realization.  as the invitations rise from the marrow of my bones. imperfect and messy in its perfection.  i believe in paradox.  my Ancestors offer me strength, and technologies to navigate my way.   it is a living, ever evolving humble practice.  often it burns…intensely, but i have grown to experience the fire as gift,  as it brings me to my knees in surrender and inspires my most authentic presence. my deepest experience and expression of love.

this space is home for what rises from my journey and personal Mythology, a resting place for the writings.

these threads of Knowings always, i offer at the feet of the Souls they commune with.🖤

Be Well~

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